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  • Pumped on AWS

For our production infrastructure we partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Why?


AWS allows Pumped to focus on our core competency of building the best next generation enterprise web applications we can for our customers, who in turn benefit from the most advanced infrastructure.

  • How?


Pumped have built robust base service and application layer micro-services that leverages AWS/ECS in a fully distributed compute environment  utilizing Aurora, the world’s most advanced open source database. This combination provides Pumped internet level performance, reliability and scalability.



Any successful new world app has the ability to reach millions of concurrent users worldwide and, as such, must ensure it’s underlying technology can scale to tap that potential.

Pumped technology is a combination of smart devices collaborating with cloud native containerised intelligent backend microservices, built using 100% open source leading edge technology ensuring our clients enjoy the benefits of both future proofing their investment whilst also guaranteeing absolute minimal costs.



Commencing in Australia

with aspirations worldwide …

  • Rollout

  • September 2018 Initial release Pumped App (Android) Australia Wide


Australia has approx 7,500 fuel stations, and, as of September 2019, Pumped has fuel prices for 3/4 of these stations and seeking to establish most as clients

  • 1st Half 2020 initial release Pumped Merchant Australia Wide

Web app enabling retailers to manage products, prices and promotions to be advertised on any smart device anywhere in the world

  • 2nd half 2020 Pumped release India wide, port Pumped App to Connect vehicle

  • ​2021+ Port Pumped app to Android Auto/Apple Carplay​​​​

  • Functionality

  • AGL/Google Fuschia/Apple Carplay

Pumped is ideally suited for connected vehicle therefore, our next technology leap is to ported intelligent voice activated Pumped to AGL, Google Fuschia and Apple Carplay , reading vehicle telemetry and telematics and taking appropriate action

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